Did you all see this video re-posted in our Instagram story?


This is our exceptional BollyX Instructor Cordula Neckermann (Cordi) from London!

Cordi heard about BollyX when we were featured on Popsugar last year. BollyX classes were not available in London at the time, so what did Cordi do? She trained online to teach classes of her own! With the help of a BollyX mentor, she was able to go from training to teaching in 2 months!

Cordi’s love for BollyX is contagious. While Cordi is physically in London, UK, her energy can be felt all over the world. When asked what lesson she would like to share with the community, she responded with the following:

“I really love the BollyX community and I’m so happy I found this fabulous dance workout. Even though I have not met anyone in person I’m grateful for the smiles and happy energy you all send out in the videos. Thank you to everyone for being fabulous and making me smile everyday. I really hope I meet all of you in person one day. You are all real Rockstars to me, adored from afar :)!”

Very recently, Cordi did have the opportunity to meet two other BollyX instructors in the UK – Mevy and Tabzy. Although they are located a few hours away from each other, they made it happen!

Thank you for spreading our community spirit in the UK…and BEYOND, Cordi! We hope to attend your class in person someday!

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