To be doing this journey with my mum is truly amazing as it creates a stronger relationship between us as mother and daughter. Together we will support and help each other and reach our BollyX goals”

~ Mevy Qureshi

Every instructor has a unique tale to tell about his or her BollyX journey. We found Tabzy’s and Mevy’s (a mother/daughter duo) story to be fascinating and wanted to share it with our community!

Tabzy Conroy (“Mum”) first found out about BollyX in 2017 while browsing through videos on YouTube. She introduced the format to her daughter, Mevy Qureshi, and both immediately took a liking to the choreography.  They started following BollyX on Instagram to learn more about the format.

When they found that BollyX was primarily offered in the US, Tabzy and Mevy did not let that stop them. They continued to watch BollyX YouTube videos and even taught the choreography they learned to friends and family at family events in the UK.

In April 2018, they found out about BollyX on Demand (BOD), which is the online, global BollyX portal for at-home workouts. BOD accelerated Mevy and Tabzy’s BollyX journey…but they wanted more!

The two signed up for the online instructor training and had the chance to work remotely, but directly, with BollyX Regional Trainers. Tabzy and Mevy embraced the distant learning process, sought support from each other and the trainee community, and successfully completed the instructor certification training! Also, would you believe us if we told you that they are now signed up to take the “BollyX for Kids” online training? Yup, they are unstoppable…see below for yourself!


Thank you for sharing your story, Tabzy and Mevy! Your passion and determination is incredible and inspiring! The BollyX family wishes you both lots of luck when launching your classes in January 2019!









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