“… what I loved the most was the positive energy and music!  I have found BollyX instructors to be so passionate about what they do, and it motivates me to keep coming back!”

~Meagan Velazquez

Meagan has always liked Hindi songs, and when she heard about BollyX from Instagram blogger Caila Quinn – she just had to try the class. Meagan attended her first class when visiting Dallas 2-3 years ago. She was instantly hooked! Meagan now attends 2-3 BollyX sessions a week and enjoys it so much that she has organized her personal and professional life so that she never misses a class!

Meagan believes BollyX has changed her life in many ways. She has noticed improvement in her posture, increased body definition, and she now has much more energy! Additionally, Meagan feels like a different person as a result of taking BollyX – she has more confidence and feels stronger and more capable in all aspects of her life!

Thank you for sharing your BollyX experience with us, Meagan! We’re so happy you are a part of the BollyX community. You are truly an inspiration to all of our BollyX instructors and participants out there!

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