Never underestimate the power of a new outfit! We don’t need science-backed research to know that when you’ve found a new outfit that shows off the body you love, it can really boost your confidence when you step out in it.

As it relates to fitness, you might be surprised to hear that shopping for new workout clothes can actually motivate you to exercise, which helps you reach your fitness goals faster! Oftentimes, people think they need to hire a personal trainer, force themselves to join a gym, or find a workout buddy in order to find the willpower to workout. Those can all definitely help with motivation and accountability. However, what’s often not considered is… buying new clothes!

Think back to the last time you found that perfect pair of jeans that hugged your curves in all the right places. You couldn’t wait to plan a night out in order to wear them, right?  I know that’s how I am!

Well, if you have made some New Year’s resolutions that are related to exercising more, start shopping! While I will not disclose how much workout clothes and sneakers I bought for myself between Black Friday and New Year’s Eve, here are my recommendations for fitness gear based on the classes I teach (for ladies only, sorry gentlemen). Of course, you can rock any new gear you love in any class!

BollyX – The Bollywood Workout

Just in time for 2019, a few new additions to the Bollywood Collection in the BollyX shop have been included- colored henna print!
Whether you’re teaching, taking classes, or rocking out at home with BollyX On Demand, grab some new gear. We know you already love BollyX and are excited by just the mere thought of dancing, but the BollyX gear will take your enthusiasm for performing and posing up several notches! Trust me! It will be just the thing you need to get you into Bollywood-mode. I actually wear BollyX’s “Be BOLD,” “All Bodies Are Good Bodies,” and  “Be A Beast” shirts when teaching some other formats as well since I really like the empowering messages!


Much of Pilates is done on the mat, whereas barre is done standing. Both emphasize posture and technique so having somewhat fitted clothing can be helpful so you can check your form and alignment. Flexibility and moving through a large range of motion are also key parts of the formats so I recommend high-waisted leggings and long, semi-fitted tanks that are stretchy and give good coverage. They allow you to move from position to position without having to tug and adjust your clothing to accommodate. Zippers, buttons, and any other protruding designs on clothing can hurt when lying on it so I make sure to avoid those types of clothing when doing Pilates. I personally love these high-waisted leggings from Reebok and this tank top from Lululemon.

Strength Training

For weight lifting, having somewhat more fitted clothing is recommended so you can see your form and technique as you lift. Loose clothing is fine for dance and cardio workouts, but if you have a tank top that drapes as you perform a deadlift or a plank, then you can’t see your spine alignment easily. I often get my sports bras, capris and leggings from Athleta, which I wear for all formats. You may find some brands “fit” your body better with their cuts and designs so shop around and find what works for you, and stick with them. If you have a fitness certification, show the Athleta managers in person and they’ll give you a FitPro card which gives you 30% off of any regular-priced items!

Cardio Kickboxing

I prefer to wear semi-fitted graphic tanks with inspirational sayings for this kick-butt format. For supportive shoes, I often go to Nike, specifically, the Nike Outlet. There’s always a sale! I’m currently doing nearly everything in my Nike Free TR7 Trainers (the TR8 Trainers are now in stores). If you have high arches, flat feet, pronation, etc., you may prefer a specific brand that caters to your needs. Cross trainers are best for kickboxing, dancing and weight lifting. If you have running shoes, use them only for running. They aren’t meant for the lateral motions found in dance and other cardio formats. Check out this blog about shoes for more information.

Is The Gear Worth It?

I realize that nice fitness clothes are expensive. I used to believe there was no reason to ever spend money on fitness clothes when I could just wear free cotton tees I got at various expos, and cotton shorts and sweats (which did double duty as my pajamas). After getting a pair of Lululemon leggings in 2004, I couldn’t go back to cotton. There really was something empowering about looking like you were ready to hit the gym vs. looking like you were ready to hit the sack.

High quality, sweat-wicking material is a bit more costly than typical cotton gym-wear. However, they last much longer (especially if you avoid the dryer), retain their shape and elasticity better, help keep you dry (sweat dissipates faster during and after a workout), and they are very flattering to all bodies. The pair of Lululemon pants I bought in 2004 still fit and look as good today as they did on day one, whereas, I’ve tossed out sweatpants and other cotton clothes within a year or two of wears. Instead of focusing on the higher price tag, do the math on cost per wear. It makes more financial sense to spend $100 on a pair of pants you can wear 1,000 times vs. a $20 pair that only lasts 30-40 wears.

It’s not necessary to go broke buying fitness clothes. Retailers like T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, and Nordstrom Rack often sell fitness clothes at high discounts so you can get the sweat-wicking, high quality workout gear for 30%-70% off regular prices. The only downside is the selection varies so if you have your eyes on a particular brand, color, or style, you may not be able to find what you want at these stores. And don’t forget about Amazon – who doesn’t visit Amazon for a price check before buying anything in life?

Investing in YOU

This brings me to my final point: you are totally worth the investment! Have you ever spent over $100 on a really nice pair of jeans or shoes for yourself because it made you feel unstoppable? So why not workout clothes? Here’s a suggestion for how to “save up” for your gear, or anything that you want. Schedule your workout for the week or month (failing to plan is planning to fail). For each workout you do, reward yourself by tossing $1-$2 into an “outfit jar.” Stay committed to your workouts and soon, you’ll have the dough to get yourself whatever it is you’ve been eyeing. Or, instead of spending $2-$3 on coffees or snacks, toss those bills into your “outfit jar.” Skip the treat, add to your jar! Instead of rewarding ourselves with food, let’s reward ourselves with something that truly helps bring out our best!

Invest in yourself because you are WORTH IT.  

What does investing in yourself mean to you?  

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