“BollyX has absolutely transformed my outlook on working out and life in general. I never worked out before, but now go to a BollyX class at least twice a week. ”

-Leah Karpelson


When Leah was a child, she would often watch Bollywood movies with her mother. The group choreography was the main attraction for them. They loved all the music and dancing.

As an adult, Leah went to her local YMCA to sign her son up for swim class, and spotted BollyX on the schedule. As soon as she saw it, she knew she had to try it.


At her first BollyX class, Leah felt uncoordinated. But no matter how foolish she thought she looked, Leah recalls, I had the time of my life.  It was so much fun.”

Leah felt so good from the BollyX workouts that she decided to try other fitness classes:

“This is a major change from walking being my maximum exercise before. I have also become more comfortable in my body. BollyX has really released me from my shell and has allowed me to gain confidence and not be so shy. This is from the positivity and energy of the community and how I feel when I get the choreography down! It took me a few months to add in the hands in the dances and now I feel like a BollyX Rockstar :)”


Now a regular class participant, Leah has also made an effort to attend the class of nearly every BollyX instructor in her vicinity.

I love the energy of the teachers and the group.  It feels like a very tight and welcoming community. I also love that the class is so fun, you don’t even notice that you are getting a major major workout!”

And far from going it alone, she has introduced BollyX to a wide circle of friends:

I can’t even count how many friends I have brought with me to BollyX. They have all loved it. I have one friend who joined me in my second class and has been to pretty much every class with me since.”


Watch this clip of Leah unleashing her inner rockstar at a BollyX class!!!



Leah also stays active having fun playing with her two young kids. Judging from this video clip, they appear to enjoy BollyX as much as their mom does!

Looking back on her journey, Leah expressed special gratitude for her first BollyX instructor:

“I want to give a big thank you to Shamila Khetarpal. Shamila was my first BollyX teacher and I followed her weekly for an entire year before she moved away.  Shamila, you are a true rockstar. Thank you!”

Leah works as an acupuncturist at her private practice in Newton, MA, and loves to post about her #bollyx journey on her business Instagram. Follow Leah’s journey here! @pointandbalanceacupuncture.


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