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Becoming a BollyX Instructor doesn’t always start with an intention to teach classes. Thanusan Chelva, a BollyX Instructor in Toronto, Canada, began his BollyX journey after first discovering BollyX on social media. Working as an accountant at the time, Thanusan was already balancing the books, but he was also eager to maintain a good work-life balance. His favorite way to stay fit at the time was taking Hip Hop classes at a local dance studio.

No Risk – Lots of fun!

Looking a little deeper into the BollyX startup, Thanusan was fascinated by the passion BollyX brought to the fitness industry and believed that this movement would catch on and spread across the world. Fast forward to 2022…he was right! There are now BollyX Instructors and classes all over the world inspiring and motivating people to stay fit by dancing to Bollywood tunes.

Becoming certified as an instructor was a win-win situation for Thanusan. Even if starting his own BollyX class didn’t work out, having access to the huge library of BollyX Bollywood and Bhangra dance fitness choreography and tutorials would keep him fit and happy just by dancing with friends or on his own.

More than just fitness

During his instructor training weekend, Thanusan quickly realised that BollyX wasn’t just about fitness but was also about community and inclusiveness. As a newbie to dance fitness and the fitness profession in general, he appreciated that the BollyX team consistently motivated and supported him while mastering the challenges of becoming a BollyX instructor.

The team spirit, motivation for self-growth and, most of all, kindness of the BollyX community are what made Thanusan feel he could actually turn teaching BollyX classes into a side hustle. “I felt like there is a place in the dance fitness world for a newbie like me to grow,” he reflects.

Trained and supported by Meredith Higgins, Global Community Director at BollyX, Thanusan received his BollyX instructor certification in October of 2016. Only five months later, he joined the BollyX team on a trip to Germany to represent BollyX at FIBO, the world’s leading trade show for fitness, wellness and health held in Cologne.

Falling in love with teaching

Eventually Thanusan fell in love with teaching and has taught many live and online classes. With his infectious energy, he has become a master in motivating and inspiring others to move, dance and sweat. Teaching BollyX is now his favorite way to stay mentally and physically fit. Throughout the pandemic, teaching online and connecting with the BollyX community around the world helped him to keep a positive attitude. His personal top three benefits of BollyX – The Bollywood Workout are getting a good cardio workout while increasing flexibility and filling up on good vibes at the same time.

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