“It is so true that unless you try something new, you don’t know how much you are going to enjoy it, and BollyX is one of those things.”

-Purnima Thakre, BollyX Instructor

Not long after Purnima Thakre decided to improve her level of fitness, she discovered BollyX and became a regular fixture in class, attending with a friend every Monday and Thursday at The Dance Complex in Cambridge, MA.

However, it wasn’t until she experienced the joy and empowerment of leading a dance sequence at an Indian wedding that she realized she wanted to become a BollyX instructor. That very week, Purnima signed up for an online BollyX instructor training!

 “All you have to do is take that first step of signing up to become a BollyX instructor and everything else will fall into place.”

Watch a video of Purnima teaching at Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston!


Purnima and her pals pose at one of this summer’s free outdoor BollyX classes at Faneuil Hall.






With daily responsibilities that range from running an innovation and marketing firm to serving on the board of two nonprofits to producing a video podcast series for women, Purnima had noticed that she wasn’t leaving any time to take care of herself. Embracing BollyX taught her to make that time.

From the moment she began her training, the supportive BollyX community and fellow trainees inspired and motivated Purnima to progress toward instructor certification. Once certified, Purnima had the opportunity to teach her first class as a substitute for an instructor whose class she had been attending regularly.

 “I knew everyone in the class, so the spirit was ‘Yay! One of us is doing this, so let’s support her!’”

Purnima also sought out the advice of other instructors in her community to receive feedback on everything from leading classes to understanding the needs and preferences of participants. According to Purnima, the ability to ask for help is essential to anyone seeking to become an effective BollyX instructor.

“Being a BollyX instructor gives you many gifts…Whether it’s your personal life or your work life, you will see the difference. You will be a happier, more confident person, and you will just get so much more effective in whatever you are trying to do, or whatever it is you are already doing.”

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Purnima teaches weekly BollyX classes in Newton, MA. For further details and to connect with Purnima, visit her at BollyX with Purnima on Facebook, @purnimathakre on Instagram, and on her BollyX instructor page!

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