“Thanks, BollyX, for helping me get back into shape and for a neat routine!”

-Loghs Srinivasan


A bad back injury in 2015 brought regular exercise to a halt for Loghs Srinivasan. He could barely sit at the time. After many physical therapy sessions, he was getting better, but was still unable to return to his normal routine.

Loghs needed to find a workout that he liked enough to stick to consistently. After trying multiple options, he decided that group exercise suited him best. He began attending Zumba and Bollywood dance classes to ease back into a reasonable workout routine.  This was his first time dancing in over 18 years. As a college student in India, Loghs had formed a dance group with friends and participated in many dance competitions. His passion for dance helped him stick to his workouts. He had been attending group exercise dance classes for about a year when he discovered BollyX at his local YMCA in Saratoga, CA. He became an instant fan.

“The energy level in the BollyX class really inspired me to attend the BollyX classes routinely. More importantly, I liked the fact that each dance move had a LIT [Low Impact Training] version if I needed to take it light!”


At first, his goal was simply to attend BollyX classes every week. But later on, that goal shifted. Loghs decided to sign up for an instructor training in order to perfect his dance moves. The training proved to be just one way in which Loghs would improve his technique.

“Making time for learning the choreo is always tough, but being in the Bay Area, I have the luxury of attending many BollyX classes around me at work and at the YMCA, where I can learn the choreo through highly trained and seasoned instructors! I practice my pre-cues later at my own pace, then I am all set to pick any favorite song for my class.”


When Loghs taught his first BollyX class, he observed that leading the class as an instructor was a completely different experience from attending class as a student.

“At the beginning I was nervous. After doing one song, the nervousness eased and from that point on it was way fun!”

To anyone with a passion for dance, Loghs highly recommends becoming a BollyX instructor. He also advises taking nearby BollyX classes and connecting with the local instructor community for additional support. For Loghs, the best part of teaching BollyX is not only giving everyone in the class a good workout, but also getting to see them have fun!

Above, from left to right: Instructors Tamara, Manisha, Loghs, and Dipti!

An engineer by profession, Loghs works at Cisco. Visit his instructor page and connect with him on Instagram at @sloghs.


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