“BollyX has given me such a wonderful experience so far. I feel proud of myself when the class tells me how much fun they had. I really love the fact that people of all ages love the style and are having so much fun as they burn those calories! Not to mention how much physical and mental strength that I have gained through BOLLYX!”

-Deepthi Rajan, BollyX Instructor

Bollywood is a term that Michigan BollyX Instructor, Deepthi Rajan, has known ever since she was a kid. Her mother says that from the time that Deepthi was a toddler, whenever she would hear a Bollywood song on TV, she would run into the middle of the room and start dancing. From that time on, no one has been able to stop her from dancing!

Deepthi has training in the Indian classical dance form known as Bharatnatyam. However, she has danced to various styles of Bollywood songs.


After choreographing dances for multiple events, Deepthi realized that she wanted to take it to the next level and possibly teach. To her, the idea of Bollywood and fitness seemed exciting! After researching a few companies that did Bollywood fitness, she just wasn’t finding what she was looking for. That is when a friend suggested BollyX.

“I was very impressed with BollyX for the way that everything was organized. From the training, to the building up of your confidence, the choreography, the very enthusiastic choreographers, and how well the website is set up!”

After teaching just one BollyX class, she was already signed on to teach another! And, what was it like to bring BollyX to her students for the first time?

“Initially, I was NERVOUS!!! Though I was confident about my steps, I am not someone who was familiar with the fitness aspect. I wanted to make sure that I could clearly demonstrate the purpose of each move. However, after the warm-up song, I realized that I’ve got this!”

Deepthi cannot say enough about BollyX. It makes her happy. She says that, “the selection of songs and, of course, the choreography is simply amazing! Every time that I see a new song added in the portal, I get SUPER excited! Since I am a mom of two little kids, finding time to learn the steps can be challenging. However, what keeps me going is the passion. I remember practicing from the time kids go to bed, up until 2am. LOL. That craze has always been there. I AM ONE CRAZY DANCE LOVER :)”


Deepthi will be teaching at the Meri Lou Murray Recreation Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan on Friday’s beginning in March. For further details and to connect with Deepthi, visit her on Facebook and on her BollyX Instructor page!

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