Dakshita Khurana came across BollyX merely by chance! Two years ago, while window-shopping in Boston’s Faneuil Hall Marketplace, she suddenly heard some of her favorite Bollywood music playing nearby. As she walked towards the music, she could see a huge crowd of people dancing along!

 “I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. Not wanting to miss another minute, I joined in! Not only were the moves SOOOOO much fun, they were also authentic and made for a great workout! At the end, I was overcome with exhilaration and nostalgia. And that’s the way that I’ve felt after every BollyX class ever since.”

 If she can help it, Dakshita never misses a class. She has even driven as far as 50 miles to take a class!

 “BollyX is the most fun workout that I’ve ever done!”

 While a PhD student, Dakshita would frequently travel for work. After moving from Boston to a city that had no BollyX classes locally, she decided to take this BollyX show on the road by becoming a certified BollyX Instructor! Dakshita’s travels have taken her to many BollyX classes across the country, to places such as Los Angeles, the Bay Area, and Chicago. She’s LOVED them all and has met some amazing instructors in each city. In June 2018, as part of the BollyX community in the Bay Area, she danced at Spring India Day in Union Square, San Francisco. 

“Performing on stage with the Bay Area community and connecting with so many other instructors was an amazing and incredible experience!”

Watch a clip of the Spring India Day performance in Union Square!

“In each of the cities that I’ve been in, I’ve dragged many friends along to BollyX classes, some of whom have become regulars.”

Dakshita’s husband, Abhishek, also loves BollyX and has followed in Dakshita’s footsteps by becoming a BollyX Instructor. In fact, they incorporated some BollyX moves into their wedding dance!

Watch a clip of Dakshita and Abhishek dancing to BollyX-inspired choreography at their wedding!

Currently, Dakshita and Abhishek call Illinois home. Dakshita’s goal is to eventually start teaching her own BollyX classes!




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