Dear BollyX Family,

One of our goals is to consistently show our appreciation for all of you and your efforts in supporting BollyX.  As one of your BollyX Life blog editors, it brings me a lot of joy to highlight the incredible stories our community members have to share.  To kick-start this initiative for 2019, I have decided to share my story about why BollyX is so important to me.


Who am I?:

  • I am an avid follower, Instructor, Choreographer, and most importantly – believer of BollyX.

My Past:

  • I have a history of body-image issues. I was diagnosed with high cholesterol as a child and was about 50-60 lbs overweight by the age of 17. I have received my share of hurtful comments from distant family members, friends, strangers, etc. and still deal with some of the after-effects today.
  • I was in a not-so-ideal relationship that caused me to experience high levels of anxiety for years…even after I got out of it!

Why Fitness:

  • I began running and took various HIIT-based classes to return to a healthy weight.
  • Over time, I found that I had increased levels of energy, confidence, and overall HAPPINESS after working out!

Why Dance:

  • I have always LOVED dancing! It’s my escape from the world in front of me – it’s almost the same feeling you get when you read a very intriguing book.
  • It doesn’t matter to me whether I am good at it, I just feel so great when I’m lost in the music dancing!

Why BollyX:

  • BollyX is my outlet. If I’ve had a rough day, I can bounce around to awesome Bollywood and Bhangra music … and more often than not, no one is watching my craziness!
  • The movements help me focus. The combination of steps are so interesting that many times, I find myself focusing on how to get my body to move a certain way – even when I had no intention of concentrating on anything. There’s no room in my mind for other thoughts or worries…it’s like my version of meditation!
  • The community reminds me that I always have friends. Whether it be through live classes, online training, social media communications, or emails – I am frequently reminded that there’s somewhere I can go and someone I can talk to if I want to connect with others.
  • Last but not least, the calorie burn is real (yes, I finally learned it’s possible to get a really effective and phenomenal workout while having fun!)

Thank you all for being the community I am comfortable sharing my story with!

Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you have a story you would like to share about how BollyX has made an impact in your life.


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