BollyX and the Art of the Pose
If you’ve ever taken a BollyX class or done a BollyX workout online, you know how much fun it is to strike a pose at the end of a song.

If you’ve taken more than one class, you may have noticed that you are starting to gravitate toward the color yellow.

And if you’re a BollyX instructor, you may even have discovered that you can’t help hitting a pose when you encounter something yellow. (Sound familiar? We thought so!)

Whether at a BollyX event or on our travels, we keep finding more and more opportunities to strike those poses!

We’d love to see YOUR rockstar BollyX poses, too! If you’re out and about, headed on a trip, or already have a pic to share, be sure to tag @bollyxfitness and #bollyx when you post to Instagram or Facebook. Here are a few photos for inspiration!

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