“My main goal as a BX instructor and a fitness professional is not just to get people moving, but really to give them a safe place to grow and build connections with other BX’ers.

This gives individuals a sense of community and belonging, which is so vital for our physical and mental health.”

~Manisha Vasishta, Bay Area BollyX Instructor

Manisha first learned about BollyX when Tamara Kodner, a Regional Trainer, brought BollyX to a local YMCA. Manisha, who normally shies away from being the center of attention, preferred to stay hidden in the back of the class. However, Tamara encouraged Manisha to stand towards the front of the class and over time, Manisha became more comfortable with it!

And now…guess what??? Manisha teaches her very own classes! As a BollyX instructor and fitness trainer, Manisha believes that fitness is not just about maintaining one’s physical health, but is also tied to one’s emotional and mental well-being. She believes BollyX creates a sense of community and belonging and strives to promote such an atmosphere in all her classes.

“The group of friends I’ve made through this format have celebrated with me at my high points, and have given me hugs/supported me at my low points. I wouldn’t trade them, or this format, for anything. “

Manisha wanted us to remind all of you that you are capable of more than you believe (and to find and stick to those who believe in that more than you do).
Thank you, Manisha for being such a vibrant part of our community!
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