Today’s post kicks off a new series written by BollyX instructors, Clara & Riti, called “Bollywood Meets Hollywood!” One of the best things about a BollyX class is seeing how Bollywood dance is for everyone and the movements can be put to all music – both eastern and western! Our weekly series will feature some of the latest examples of “East meets West” culture so that you can stay up to date on the hottest trends, videos, music, recipes, and more!

turmeric latte

ONE // Turmeric latte craze:

Turmeric, arguably the superfood of 2016, is not only popping into grocery stores across the U.S., but also making its way into coffee shops. Yes, you can now order a “golden milk latte” in various coffee shops across the nation! Here’s the catch – turmeric has actually been around for ages in Indian culture as a known anti-inflammatory with many other health benefits! Read on to get more information about why you may want to include this superfood in your diet!

TWO // Indian-Inspired remakes of the Game of Thrones Theme Song

Now that the Game of Thrones season is in full swing, everyone’s keeping their fingers crossed that their favorite characters make it through the episode. Check out these two covers of the Game of Thrones theme song – one by The Indian Jam Project and the other by Mahesh Raghvan!

THREE// Famous Musician Disguises Self as a Homeless Man
Famous musician, Sonu Nigam disguised himself as a homeless old man and gave a brilliant message through this social experiment. His performance reminds us a little of Joshua Bell, renowned violinist, who played in the New York subway for a day!

FOUR // Rihanna’s Work | Sakhiya Cheliya (Vidya Mashup Cover)

You might have caught Vidya on our Facebook page this week with her Work/Sakhiya Cheliya mash up. This talented Indian-born American singer has been bridging the gap between east and west and is her voice is incredible. In this video, Rihanna’s “Work” comes together with AR Rahma’s composition, “Sakhiya Cheliya” for a beautifully put together mashup!

FIVE // Bhangra Empire – Warriors Halftime

ICYMI, Bhangra Empire is blowing up the halftime stage with their performance at the Warriors Stadium. Their fusion of Bhangra songs with Drake and Rihanna had the crowd going wild! PS: One of our very own BollyX Instructors, Malvika, is a dancer on the team (see if you can spot her – hint: she’s in pink)!

Bhangra Empire

Tune in again for more Bollywood meets Hollywood and have a great weekend!

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