“My main goal while being a BollyX instructor is to introduce more people out there about BollyX and what it has to offer.  I want to see many more happy faces walk out the door after my classes end. I have seen that already in my earlier classes, and that was satisfying. I hope this scenario will continue for many many years to come.”

~Rose Hazira

The BollyX YouTube channel has reached many viewers over the last several months. While we strive to capture everyone’s interest with our videos, certain songs are more intriguing than others.

Rose, currently our one and only instructor in Malaysia, had a similar experience. While surfing YouTube, Rose came across one of our BollyX videos. While she found it interesting, she was not immediately convinced it was the fitness format for her.

Rose later had a conversation with another fitness instructor from her studio, and that instructor referred Rose to BollyX! Rose went back to browsing through BX YouTube videos after that conversation. Shortly thereafter, she signed up for the BollyX Online Instructor Training. Within a few months, she obtained her Instructor Certification and started teaching her own classes!

Rose was exposed to Bollywood as a child and over time, Bollywood became more prominent in Malaysia as a whole. The introduction of BollyX classes in Malaysia was embraced with a TON of excitement. Once Rose received her BX certification, members and other instructors in her studio held a mini “Bollywood-themed” celebration to congratulate her and show their support!

Congratulations, Rose! We love seeing your posts on Instagram and can’t wait to see more of those participant smiles you bring out in class!


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