“I am very fond of Bollywood dance but wasn’t aware of BollyX!”

-Toronto BX Instructor, Komalpreet Kaur



We asked Komalpreet to share her story and here’s what we learned! :

Q: When/How did you hear about BollyX?

A: I heard about BollyX in February 2020 from my instructor, Rini Patel. She took me to a BollyX master class for the first time.

Q: How did you make the [AMAZING] decision to become an instructor?

A: I am very fond of Bollywood dance but wasn’t aware of Bollyx. I wanted to become a an amazing dancer so initially pursued Zumba. When my instructor told me about BollyX, I decided to train as a BX instructor!

Q: What was your experience becoming a BX instructor like?

A: It was an amazing experience. At the moment, I am not teaching any classes but am learning choreography by watching the instructor portal. Hopefully, I will start teaching classes soon.

Q: What has your experience with BollyX been like?

A: BollyX is a fabulous platform for those who want to turn dance into a career. Before BollyX, I used to dance to different songs but was never an instructor. Learning pre-cues as a new instructor has been a bit challenging , but it’s not too difficult!

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share with the community?

A: Currently, I am just trying to learn as much as I can so that I can become an amazing and famous instructor in this family. I hope that I will achieve my dreams in the field of dance!

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Komalpreet! We are so excited you found us and have joined our BollyX family! We hope you are able to start teaching soon so we can attend your classes!

Interested in being an instructor? Visit: https://bollyx.com/training/

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