There’s Something About Tonight….

Boy meets girl. Boy hates girl, girl hates boy. Boy and girl hang out more. Boy starts to love girl. Girl can’t love boy because her parents would never approve. Girl begins to love boy. Boy and girl go through many hardships, but boy and girl end up happily in love, together forever.

You just read the plot to about every mainstream Bollywood movie. Bollywood is all about love, romance and dream dance sequences in the mountains.  With Valentine’s Day around the corner, why not celebrate it Bollywood style with the top 5 BollyX songs about love! Whether you are single and ready to mingle, taken, or in a relationship that’s in the makin’, there’s definitely a Bollywood song that will fit your mood this love-filled weekend.

Valentine’s Day Status: The Optimistic Single (The Dreamer)

Song: Subha Hone Na De  

Literal English Translation: Don’t let it be morning

This is the perfect Bollywood dream sequence song for the single lad or lady that loves love and is optimistic about getting swept of his/her feet soon. The chorus translates to: “Let it not be morning. Let’s not leave each other’s side. Let’s not let each other sleep. You are my hero.” To which the guy responds: “Your hero, yes I am your hero.” Get out there and go find your very own Bollywood heroine/hero this Valentine’s Day weekend!

Valentine’s Day Status: Gal-entine’s /Pal-entine’s Day

Song: Thug Le

Literal English Translation: Rob them

Out with your pals or your gals? Celebrate your macho manhood or your fierce womanhood by jamming out to this classic boys vs. girls song. The boys argue that, “the world dances on the fingers of the boys,” and the girls argue “the boys think it is easy to win. Their pockets are full but brains are empty.” The battle of sexes continues as the guys say “the more attention and praise you give the girls, the more their pride increases,” and the girls argue “boys are always just looking for a chance to woo us.” Here’s an idea for Valentine’s Day – get all your single gals AND pals together and dance battle it out to this song to see who will be the ultimate winner of the battle of the sexes.

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Valentine’s Day Status: The Chase / Have Something Going on

Song: Jumme Ki Raat

Literal English Translation: A night of kissing

For all ladies and lads who are on the pursuit or are being pursued, if your life was to be made into a Bollywood movie, this would be the item number in the movie. The hero in this song starts off singing “It’s a night of kissing. Everyone is talking about kissing. May God save me from your seduction.” He continues to go back and forth about how he is intoxicated by the heroine’s love, but he is worried she will play with his heart. The confident heroine says she will listen to her heart and teases the hero: “If you can, try and protect yourself from my love, but where will you go?!” Talk about an Indian version of Tom and Jerry!

Valentine’s Day Status: Happily Taken

Song: Hookah Bar

Literal English Translation: Hookah Bar

Love? Hookah Bar? You may be wondering where the connection is, but for all you strong couples out there, remind each other how much you love one another by BollyX-ing to this song! The chorus compares the couple’s love to a hookah bar because their love is just as intoxicating. The hero describes how the heroine’s “beauty is steaming hot, like a lit cigar.” The two agree that “When you’re not in front of me, I am afraid of living without you. This is my wish –  that I would live and die for you. From the day I saw you, there were Sitaars playing in my heart. ” This is personally one of my BollyX favorites, and with such awesome lyrics, I encourage all you beautiful couples to put this on your Valentine’s Day playlist this year!

Valentine’s Day Status:  Least Favorite Holiday

Song: I Hate Luv Storys

Literal English Translation: I hate love stories

Whether you’re going to spend your Valentine’s Day binge-eating chocolate, or watching horror films because romance just grosses you out, sweating it out to I Hate Luv Storys may be a great addition to your Valentine’s Day plans! The song is all about living in the moment and the hero sings of a carefree attitude to love. With lyrics that talk about meeting tons of people in your lifetime and making the most of each encounter, the hero says he may meet a girl, and they may have a little bit of fun, but says to “just not say the word love, I hate love stories.” Singing along to the chorus of this song while simultaneously busting out your favorite dance moves is sure to make this holiday at least a little more enjoyable!

BollyX Valentine's Day Style

And with that, remember, no matter what stage of love you are in this Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing like a classic BollyX song to make this holiday one to remember!

Pyaar se,


BollyX Instructor Riti Naik


About the author:

As the #1 Bachelorette on the illustrious Dil Mil app, Riti is the leading expert on love. Specifically, she has extensive knowledge in the area of Bollywood love songs. If you want to know a hot and steamy Bollywood song to dance to, or the best vegan place to take your date, give Riti a call. We guarantee there will be another date. All jokes aside, Riti is extremely passionate about dance and music since she trained in both Bharatnatyam, an Indian Classical dance form, and Bollywood as a child, and continued to pursue dance in college by performing with and serving as captain for the Bollywood dance troupe at Tufts University.

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