Not so many years ago I was an extremely shy person who didn’t feel comfortable in her own skin and always found the weights area in the gym intimidating and stopped exercising as soon as I see people staring. I remember that exact moment when I decided that this has to change. It was in a

kickboxing class where the instructor had us lunging and boxing back and forth and guess who was one of the last people to finish? 😉 That moment I felt so challenged that I promised myself that something has to change in my life and ever since, I have never been happier. Exercising became my moving meditation time. It is a time of the day that I dedicate to myself that detaches me from all the sort of problems and attachments that worry me on a daily basis.

Whether it is improving my running PR, squatting lower, learning how to do a pull up or getting that new dance move I always celebrate the small achievements because they make me physically and mentally stronger. Now I don’t care whether the society thinks I am too fat, too thin, too muscular or whatever because after all beauty is such an overrated thing. What matters to me the most is that feeling I get when I hit the wall being challenged by something new and conquer it because only that makes me stronger and ready for whatever life throws at me. If I learned anything from exercising so far it is:

  1. You never get anything out of your comfort zone so step out of it and once you do, you will find that sky is your only limit.
  2. Surround yourself by people who inspire you and share the love of what you do yet don’t compare yourself to anyone but give yourself the time to grow.
  3. And last but not least make exercising your fun time, lose yourself to the music, dance with others and make new friends and family and always smile BIG!

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