What is Body Empowerment? To me, it’s the power to enable myself to take care of my health and take control of my life. Growing up in a small town in the North East part of India, life came with several challenges starting from social to financial. I had my shares of struggles overcoming them to reach the land of opportunity, the US, to complete my Master’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering. But the upward climb didn’t end there. Life always comes with an agenda and is associated challenges. There was always a plan of execution, an aspiration to succeed, an ambition to exceed. Caught up in the labyrinth of life, I lost focus of my health. I started suffering from physical ailments at a very young age. And now, I am exhausted from the rat race and determined to get my life back.

Through BollyX, I found my motivation to be who I am; to unleash my inner self and inspire others to be who they are. I felt very connected to BollyX the first time I attended a Master class with Meredith Higgins. It not only awakened the dancer in me but also the fitness freak! BollyX is a complete workout of both mind and body which makes it class unlike others. It also awakened the philosopher in me! The class dynamics, the positive vibes and the power which I experienced in one hour will stay with me for the rest of my life. I’ll be ever grateful to my friend, Mahua, for introducing me to BollyX and Meredith for inspiring me to be a BollyX Rockstar.

Today, I teach middle aged women who are at crossroads like me and empower them to take care of their health. It’s my biggest achievement to see them getting stronger and younger and taking life at their strides. God willing, I’ll continue to motivate people to realize their true potential and empower them with the greatest gift of health. As a BollyX instructor I have turned my life to a new beginning, a life of Confidence, Strength and Empowerment. Above all, I am living my childhood dream of being a performer and in doing so I am inspiring and empowering others to unleash their inner Rockstars!

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