The BollyX Family in Germany has started to grow.! Today I had a special first class fitness studio here in Frankfurt and they really adored BollyX. Now we have to find a way to get more BollyX instructors here! I’m already teaching 17 classes (different styles) per week and I could use the help (in addition to my day job and my family).

Okay so: Body Empowerment, what does it mean to me?

At the age of 2.5 I started ballet. It was my desire (although my parents thought I’d be crazy!), my life and I lived for it. Sometimes, I was not able to walk home because I was too tired from class and my mum had to carry me home, but I loved it! I continued for years. I was taking ballet classes at least 5 times a week and eventually, I prepared for an entrance Examination at John Cranko Ballett School. I passed the exam and received a scholarship! Sadly, an accident killed my dreams and nearly took me with it: a cervical spine hair rupture.

For a long time, I was unable to listen ballet music or watch any kind of dance because my heart would always break knowing my love was gone!  But after a long rehabilitation period, I found fitness.  Over the years, I tried other types of dance: tap dance, River dance, Jazz dance, latin classes. I found that I liked Latin dance and that led me to Zumba.

My love for India came from the fact that my dad was a flight captain and has always taken me with him on flights. That has brought me love for Bollywood films, dances and music. BollyX has opened the door to a new possibility. Fitness and dancing to Bollywood music! The first time I tried BollyX with Regional Trainer Natalie, it was like discovering something I wanted already existed. I didn’t just like it, I loved it!

Every life is unique, every human being, every body.  We shouldn’t compare ourselves to others. Accept yourself! To me, body empowerment means to accept things but to find a way to let your inner light shine and enjoy that glow!

How I would like to continue my journey of body empowerment? Help people finding out what their passions and loves are:-)

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