Body Empowerment is not about being skinny or fat, it is about comfort in one’s own skin. It is about skipping all the drama and getting right into the good stuff about owning and loving who you are. I strongly believe that I hold the key to my own happiness. The main source of happiness for me is doing what I love the most, BollyX being on top of the list.

Just because my body or part of it does not function to perfection doesn’t mean I should give up working on it. An injury in my right knee due to long distance running (yes, I can’t believe I actually have run and completed a half marathon) made me give up on cardio, squats, lunges, yoga and any kind of lower body workout. This went on for a good 3 years until I realized that by avoiding all these activities I was only weakening myself further. During these 3 years my health took a major toll. I lost my flexibility, all my lean muscle was gone and I could barely climb a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing. I had to do something to change the game and get some control back in my hands.

I knew I had to apologize to my body and begin the healing process. I went back to working out and took it really slow. I gave my body some time to adapt to the new routine I was making it go through. I learned to listen to my body in a way that works for me physically as well as mentally. It was a long process and I had to be patient with myself. Fast forward to today, I am back to jumping, squatting, lunging, exploring so much in the workout space and also teaching BollyX, which is a high energy dance fitness workout, on a regular basis and all in good form as well. My journey is still not over, I probably have a long way to go but wherever I am it is my happy place and I know that I am determined to continue this journey at my own pace.

Today my body is my best friend. With that mutual understanding we are able to make better and long lasting decisions. I exercise to celebrate myself, to feel good, to experience those amazing side effects (also read benefits) it brings to me. Never have I looked at exercising as a punishment for that cake I ate.

Another aspect of self love is to feed yourself well. They say nourish well if you want to flourish. Get that good nights sleep and never starve. Starvation is another way of abusing your body or not accepting it the way it is. The poor body may not say anything at that moment but you are telling it that you don’t love it and are making it go through all that torture. Eat well, the way you have been eating as a child. Explore your local food, cook for yourself sometimes and enjoy the rejuvenation that comes through.

Stay positive about yourself, respect yourself and good things will always follow. In the process make someone else believe how good they are and do a heroic deed.

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