As an Economist, I deal with A LOT of numbers and I believe numbers are all relative. Age, height, calories, test scores, statistics, you name it – they’re all numbers. But they don’t tell the whole story. Here are some examples:

  • 2,000 calories from a fast food joint vs. 2,000 calories of whole types of foods – totally different in numbers of fat, carbs, protein content etc
  • 5’3”:  in the U.S, I’m considered pretty short whereas compared to my family in Thailand, I’m considered pretty tall
  • Giving the random guy asking me for my phone number a set of numbers – not necessarily my digits specifically, but it’s someone’s phone number somewhere…

That all leads me to this figure: 9.4. That’s my number. Again, it doesn’t tell you much other than it’s way closer to 10 than 0.

I had recently gone in for my annual exam and had some blood work done. Anytime after a doctor’s appointment receiving a call about your lab results is 99% probably not good and in my case it was pretty terrible.

9.4 was the lab result for my A1C — a blood test reflecting my average blood sugars for the past 2-3 months. In other words, that puts me in the category of full-blown diabetes. Although this should not have come as a surprise to me considering all cakes, cookies, and alcohol were my best friends—I was still left shocked, confused.

I said to myself, “No, thank you.” I way too determined to let diabetes or any of its complications take me down so easily. It was time to see what my mind and my body could do. After meeting with my primary doctor, a dietician, and having some good ol’ heart to hearts with family and friends, it was on! I realized that this was something I had full control over: me! I had been running on empty for quite sometime, being the caretaker for others and not myself,  and I was finally ready to take the time for me.

I made more conscious food and drinking choices and upped my workout game. For me, the best workouts are the ones where you don’t feel like you’re working out. That’s where BollyX and dance fitness took center stage in my life. Being able to dance away my stress, build and strengthen my body, and flow with whatever movement moved me has been so freeing. Whether it’s a Bhangra kick or fierce hair-ography, I love it all. I appreciate the process and the journey: all the things that come so easily and, of course, all those things that make my muscles curse in a million different languages. I look forward to the performance part of BollyX and the freestyle dance portion of my pole and Lyra classes. After sweating up a storm there is no better way to end a class than with a whole lot of sass! I can’t wait to share my passion of movement and face talking with all my classes!

Body empowerment to me is knowing your body is capable of so much more than your mind tells you or lets you believe. Getting the connection with your thoughts to help your body keep going rather than throwing unnecessary shade or doubt towards yourself at that first inkling of wanting to give up or punk out.

6.8: that’s my newest A1C number. 4 months after I decided to say “No, thank you,” this is the progress I’ve begun to make.

My body empowerment journey is just beginning and I can’t wait to give it some more BOLD FACE fabulousness.

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