We’re excited to introduce new BollyX partner, FitFlairFashion! This accessory driven fitness company decks out gym goers with the cutest and most fun bags, gloves, and more! Read more about Founder Kasia and her company below.

Q: When did you first know you wanted to start FitFlairFashion and what was the point that really made you go for it?

A: I was always passionate about fitness and fashion. During all these years when I was going to gym, yoga, or playing sports, I felt that fitness fashion was moving forward but fitness accessories were lagging behind and in desperate need of an update.

I was tired of looking at my boring black gym gloves or old canvas sport bags. I started searching for colorful fitness accessories that would add some fun to my fitness wardrobe and help me bring out my personality. Fit Flair Fashion was born! This now gave me an opportunity to bring all of the fun fitness accessories into one place to share them with people who wanted to be healthy, and who needed some motivation to get fit while looking good.

Q: What is the inspiration behind FitFlairFashion?

A: I wanted to create a one stop destination for fitness enthusiasts who can find unique fashionable fitness accessories, motivating and inspiring them to stay fit and healthy.

Q: How would you describe your brand in three words?

A: Fun Functional Fashionable

Q: What’s your favorite FitFlairFashion product right now and why?

A: Our Frida Sport Bag – one bag that has it all . It’s fashionable yet functional at the same time. Dressy enough for a business meeting, trip, lunch or show it off at the gym/yoga/tennis.

Q: What makes your product different from other brands and why would you recommend it to BollyX lovers?

A: We hand pick our designers who are very passionate about their product and quality of their work. Our products are limited collections, high quality and unique designs. BollyX lovers will be motivated and energized by the fun, flashy look our accessories!

Q: How does FitFlairFashion encourage its customers to “unleash their inner rockstars?”

A:I believe that everyone is unique. The human body is like a blank canvas with different colors, shapes, and techniques becoming unique art. We all have different personalities and needs. Accessories are like paint: they express our true selves, showing off our personality.

Q: What’s in the future for FitFlairFashion?

A: We would like to up a build fitness community where we unite fitness instructors and people who need inspiration, motivation or guidance to become a healthier version of themselves. Our goal is to partner with gyms, yoga, pilates studios, tennis clubs to showcase our accessories through our Pop Up shops, Events, Social Media and Ambassador program.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

A: Be Healthy…Be Unique and Sport your Flair

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