Another amazing year with BollyX has flown by, and we are back to celebrating another Valentine’s Day together! As you may know from my last Valentine’s Day post, love is a central theme to Bollywood movies and songs. Thus, not surprisingly, a lot of the new BollyX songs in the past year are all about love! We’re back with this post to bring you a revamped Valentine’s Day playlist, 2017 edition, featuring some of our more recent BollyX songs. No matter if your relationship status is single with a wish to intermingle or if you are kind of seeing someone and love is in the makin’, we have the perfect BollyX song to cater to your feelings about love this holiday!

Valentine’s Day Status: Single and Ready to Flamingle (or Flamingo since we like to dance (: )
Song: Let’s Talk About Love
Literal English Translation: Let’s talk about love

As you may have guessed, this song encourages you to talk about love! Whether you are a diehard hopeless romantic, or simply want to find someone who will stay in on a Saturday night and watch a movie with you, this song will definitely inspire you to put yourself out there and find your other half! The main chorus says, “Let’s talk about love baby; everyone does it baby!” The man in the song is singing to his beloved about why she should accept him as her lover, but he reminds us all that love is for everyone!

Valentine’s Day Status: Being pursued, In pursuit, or Kinda, sorta seeing someone
Song: Lucky Tu Lucky Me
Literal English Translation: Lucky you lucky me
You may have heard a friend describing one of their favorite parts of a developing romantic relationship as “the chase.” The pop culture term, “the chase,” refers to the exciting period where the guy or girl is romantically pursuing a member of the other gender, but they are not officially a couple yet. A lot of men and women refer to it as the time where butterflies first were felt and giddy feelings began to develop. If you relate to this right now, give a listen to Lucky Tu Lucky Me! This is the ultimate Bollywood “chase” song, as the main chorus translates to “I’m a bachelor, you are also a bachelorette, let’s get together and get lucky!”

Valentine’s Day Status: Gal/Pal-entine’s Day
Song: Dil Dhadakne Do
Literal English Translation: Let the heart beat

Rather than being above love directly, this song is about following your heart and being carefree! With lyrics such as, “Every heart has its own rhythm, has its own music; every heart has its own heartbeats and its own fire,” this is the perfect song for celebrating Valentine’s Day with your single gals or pals, as it reminds us that we are all unique and each bring something awesome to the table. Put this song on your V-day playlist, and unleash your unique, inner rockstar with your bunch of rockstar friends who love you just the way you are!

Valentine’s Day Status: Happily Taken
Song: Salaam-E-Ishq
Literal English Translation: Salute to Love

This song is basically a Bollywood love anthem, as the chorus literally translates to, “It’s a salute to love!” The male and female in this song take turns saluting to everything they love about each other, whether it be her beautiful eyes or his strange yet intoxicating words. Listen to this song with your significant other to help enhance the romantic mood this Valentine’s Day! For a fun activity, you could even create your own version of this song, singing to each other about all the qualities you love in each other. (;

Valentine’s Day Status: Why is today special again?
Song: The Break-Up Song
Literal English Translation: The Break-Up Song

Ever heard a happy break-up song before? Well, now you have! This new BollyX dance song features a girl talking about her break-up, but she is so much happier now that this thing called love is out of her life. Her “cupid is [now] alive again,” and she is back to being single and carefree. Whether you desire to eat an entire heart-shaped pizza on your own today or go to your favorite fitness class because you hate love, or whether you find Valentine’s Day overrated because love can be celebrated every day, I promise you won’t be able to help but find this song super catchy! Play it in the background as you go about your day, and let me know if I was wrong if you don’t find yourself wanting to smile and perform some of your favorite dance moves as you listen.

BollyX Instructor Riti Naik


About the author:

As the #1 Bachelorette on the illustrious Dil Mil app, Riti is the leading expert on love. Specifically, she has extensive knowledge in the area of Bollywood love songs. If you want to know a hot and steamy Bollywood song to dance to, or the best vegan place to take your date, give Riti a call. We guarantee there will be another date. All jokes aside, Riti is extremely passionate about dance and music since she trained in both Bharatnatyam, an Indian Classical dance form, and Bollywood as a child, and continued to pursue dance in college by performing with and serving as captain for the Bollywood dance troupe at Tufts University.

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