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Have you heard the word “garba” floating around lately in your BollyX dance classes? BollyX instructors and class participants are starting to talk about one of the best festivals of the year as we enter the fall season. In case you have heard the word “garba” and aren’t sure what it means, let me explain:

What is garba??

Garba is a form of dance that originated in the western Indian state of Gujarat. Traditional garba nights take place during the nine day holiday called Navaratri. When attending a traditional garba, you will find men, women, and children dancing around decorated pictures or statues (Murtis) of Hindu gods. This year, Navaratri is taking place October 9th to October 18th.

You may have also seen garba performed by college dance teams or may have attended a garba before a friend’s wedding.

Who can do garba?

Everyone. I am south Indian and did not know what garba was until my late teens. Since discovering it, I have been hooked! The captain of my dance team in college was a non-Indian, non-Hindu, male engineering student. He dedicated hours of his life to watching garba videos, choreographing, and mixing garba music. So yes, everyone can (and should) do garba.

Why do garba? 

The question is, why not do garba!? It’s a holiday where dancing is the preferred activity. You walk into a room and see men, women, and children wearing colorful clothes and dancing in circles to celebrate life! I can’t think of any reason not to do garba, can you?

Now for the most important question….

How do you do garba? 

This is why we are here. BollyX has released several songs with garba choreography over the last few years. Have you seen the choreography to Nagada Sang Dhol or Prem Leela? Or what about Udi Udi Jaye or Dholi Taro Dhol Baaje? All of these songs have garba steps incorporated into the choreography! The imaginary drum at the beginning of BollyX’s Nagada Sang Dhol choreography is actually mimicking a dance form called Raas. Raas is similar to garba except it is performed with sticks (dandiyas) and is not typically performed in circles. 

BollyX is bringing the latest film songs to a live class just for you! 

Not sure how to find local garbas? Most universities hold garba events, so check out their Facebook page or do a google search for garbas in your area. You can also check Suhleka.com to find Indian events close to you. Fun fact: our very own CEO and Co-Founder’s mom sings live at garbas in LA! If you’re around the area, don’t miss out!

Know how to do garba or twirl a dandiya? Send us a video of you doing either and you could be featured on BollyX social media!

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