Q: Tell us about yourself – what do you do when you’re not teaching? What are your hobbies? What other formats do you teach? Give us a little on your background.
 Namaste. My name is Shwetha. Originally from Bengaluru, the “Silicon Valley of India”, I now call Vancouver home.
My tryst with dance began at an early age – I have had a formal training in the Indian Classical dance form, Bharatanatyam, grew up watching Bollywood and spent most of my free time choreographing routines and performing at various events and competitions. But then I had to trade it in for academics – you know, for the “education-job-money-adulting” path. Adopting the expected norm in Indian families, I went to Med School to pursue my Bachelors in Medicine and followed it up with a Masters in Clinical Research. I was working in the Pharmaceutical Research sector in Singapore until the big move to the land of Maple syrup in the winter of 2015.
About 4 years ago, I was introduced to Zumba® and that was it! My love for dance was rekindled and I went on to get my instructor license. I have been teaching Zumba® fitness and some of its specialties (Aqua Zumba®, Zumba® Kids+Zumba® Kids Jr) since then.
When I’m not teaching, I’m either nose-deep in a book (or my Kindle!), or am working on some handmade up-cycling craft project, or planning the next getaway trip with the hubster.
 Q: How would you describe BollyX in one word?
 BollyX is so amazing, it is hard to choose just one word! On a personal level, I would go with THERAPEUTIC. Dance is freeing, and has the power to heal and transform lives! No matter what kind of a day I would’ve had, at the end of a BollyX class I feel like I’m sliding down a rainbow with a smile stuck on my face! I notice this about my participants too – it is incredibly rewarding to see them let loose in class (It is probably why they keep coming back!).
Q: What is your favorite part of BollyX class?
 I absolutely LOVE the Rockstar poses from my participants! I’m always watching out for them towards the end of a routine and often times end up forgetting my own pose in this anticipation!
Q: How has working with BollyX changed you or your lifestyle?
Those who know me, know that I am actually a very shy person. BollyX gives me the means to be BOLD and feel EMPOWERED and be a better instructor.
I had never experienced a BollyX class until the day of my Instructor Training with Dalia Debs and that day changed my life! Two significant things happened that day – 1) I fell in love with the program – what an incredible way to combine Bollywood music and movement with fitness! The core team does a FANTASTIC job with all the monthly releases. I feel like a kid opening presents on Christmas (only Christmas comes every month on the BollyX portal! Wheee!)
2) I fell in love with the team and the community – through the course of the day I noticed how Dalia addressed each of us by name and tried to get to know us individually. Besides being a kickass Rockstar of a Regional Trainer, she also has a heart of gold – she gave me some much-needed support that day and continues to do so even now!
I am happy and proud to be part of such a welcoming community and am hoping to help the program have a wider reach, one class at a time!
Q: How long have you been with BollyX?
 I became certified in September 2016 and started teaching my regular classes since January this year.
Q: What is your favorite BollyX song to teach?
 Way too many favorites, but the current ones are Lungi Dance (crowd favorite), Go Pagal and Baby Marvake Maanegi
Q: Where do you teach BollyX?
 I teach weekly classes on Tuesday nights at the beautiful Coal Harbour Community Centre (it has a gorgeous view of the waterfront and mountains) in Vancouver. Do drop by and dance with me if you’re in the area!
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