BollyX Instructor Masuda Medcalf

Let’s give it up for our latest Instructor of the Week, Masuda Medcalf! Masuda teaches BollyX in the Salt Lake City area five days a week. Read the Q & A below to learn more about this dedicated instructor!

Q: Tell us about yourself – where are you from, what do you do for a living, what are you passionate about, etc.?

By day, I work as an attorney. I had been out of law school for 11 years and had two kids when I decided to get in shape, and I became hooked on step aerobics. In 1999 I took my group fitness instructor training. I taught Step, Spin, and muscle classes for several years and in 2009 began teaching Zumba.

Q: What attracted you to BollyX?

I was born in Afghanistan and came to the States when I was 8 years old, so I grew up on Bollywood movies, music and dance, and I jumped at the chance to be trained in BollyX in January 2015.

Q: How would you describe BollyX in one word?

If I described BollyX in one word it would be “happy,” because that’s how I feel when I teach or take BollyX classes. Indian music is just special to me.

Q: What is your favorite part of BollyX class?

I love all parts of a BollyX class, but the slow and progressive warm up, the interval training, the upper body and lower body strength songs, the beautiful cool down songs and the tranquil closing are probably my favorite.

Q: How has working with BollyX changed you?

I think BollyX has helped me be a better instructor, because I have learned better visual pre-cueing skills and how to better engage with the clients. Physically, I notice my legs are stronger and thinner, and I am not having problems with my knees. Finally, I notice more beginners and older clientele come to my BollyX classes than they do to my Zumba classes. The format allows them to learn the steps; they are more able to stay at a low impact level; and they seem to love the music.

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