This week’s Instructor of the Week is none other than Manisha Anantharaman! She is currently a PhD Student in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management – one smart cookie! Check out this short interview, where she shares her love for BollyX, and shows us a glimpse of her inner Bollywood rockstar.

Q:Which Bollywood song best describes your personality?
A: Chammak Challo- the song has an amazing energy, and Akon knocks it out of the park. Plus, being South Indian, I love the Tamil touches.

Q:How does it feel to teach BollyX within a University setting?
A: You really have to bring it! I’m teaching to students who have high expectations both from the workout and from the choreography. That is really energizing and makes me excited for every class

Q: Why did you decide to teach BollyX?
A: Its the perfect balance to my day-job as PhD candidate and Graduate Instructor. I love teaching, I love dancing- BollyX is a great way to bring it together.

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