Rocking the BollyX Instructor Spotlight this week is Lateefah Fleming! Lateefah teaches BollyX classes at American Women Fitness Center in Westwood, New Jersey. She also teaches belly dancing, yoga, spin, and a bootcamp to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Q: What has been your biggest inspiration to get into fitness?
A: My biggest inspiration to get into fitness is my grandmother. She was always active where she would walk no matter what the weather conditions were, kept little weights by her bed, and had the healthiest eating habits. She was 85-years-old when she died after living a very healthy and happy lifestyle. She was so inspiring that the day before she died she walked a mile.

Q: How do you keep yourself motivated through your workouts?
A: I keep myself motivated through my workouts by staying positive. It’s simple, but sometimes simple is needed in order to start my day. I know that after my workout I am going to have a smile on my face, a positive outlook on my life, and live a longer and healthier life.

Q: What makes BollyX classes different from all the other classes and programs you teach?
A: BollyX classes are different from the programs and classes that I teach because these classes bring another flavor into fitness. In my programs, I promote a happy and fun environment where at the end of class I want my students and clients to have a big smile on their face. BollyX classes supply those smiling faces at the end of class with the fast beat songs that keep you moving, singing along, and most importantly having fun.

Join Lateefah at her New Jersey classes here: www.bollyx.com/classes/new-jersey

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