“… I was never one to really hit the gym because I just never knew where to start. But when I had to teach my classes, I got back on my game and it gave me a motivation to become better. And today, I am 25 lbs down from January 2017!”

~Henna Khanijou


Today’s instructor spotlight is on New York & New Jersey instructor, Henna! Read more about this talented instructor in her interview with us below!

Q: Tell us about yourself – what do you do when you’re not teaching? What are your hobbies? What other formats do you teach? Give us a little on your background.

A: I am currently pursing my Master’s in Science degree in Biomedical Sciences at NJMS. I am also a Kathak student at the East-West School of Dance under my Guru Ji Pandit Satya Narayana Charka Ji in Queens, NY. I have been learning under him since the age of 8 and still continue to learn. If I am not studying, I am dancing. I also enjoy going on to social media now a days and watching the different dances that others post, and of course, posting a couple here and there myself!

BollyX is actually the only fitness format that I teach. Other than that, I have done many Bollywood, Hip Hop, and Kathak choreographies. Dance is something that is so vast that there is always something to learn, and I think that it what I love most about it – it is just never ending knowledge.

Q: How would you describe BollyX in one word?

A: Encouraging. This class allows you to keep going – it encourages you to do better each time that you do the routine. It encourages all instructors to continue to learn from each other and build a community of phenomenal rockstars. It encourages each instructor to encourage all of their participants to JUST KEEP SWIMMING!

Q: What is your favorite part of BollyX class?

A: Definitely the performance section. BollyX gives every person their time to shine and feel like that Bollywood rockstar. It is so fun to be leading participants through that performance section and to see everyone with their facial expressions just killing it! When people come to me after class all sweaty and tell me that this is the most satisfying dance workout class that they have taken, it reminds me why we (us instructors) do what we do – that sense of satisfaction. When you see that you are enabling others to take care of themselves and do better in their own personal lives, it is so satisfying! You’re getting a chance to help others, and that is definitely a feel that I wouldn’t trade in for the world.

Q: How has working with BollyX changed you or your lifestyle?

A: The BollyX community is filled with such passionate dance fitness instructors that as a new instructor (who had never taught a dance fitness class before) back when I had trained, it gave me a platform to build off of. When Minal took my instructor training session through Storm Jonas, there were still 5 others who came out to NYC to train! Who would do that! It was phenomenal to see the dedication from Minal as well who just did not want to let this day go to waste.

As I have continued to be an instructor in the NYC/NJ area, attending other instructor’s classes has really helped me become the instructor that I am today. Feedback from Shahil and Meredith has continuously made an impact on my teaching skills that I feel that there is always room to improve and become better instructors for the sakes of the participants who we are going to lead through a class. It is so important to be able to lead a group of 20+ people the correct way, and I am lucky to be able to attend other classes led by our HQ to be able to learn how to do so.

BollyX also led me in my path of becoming fit. I was never one to really hit the gym because I just never knew where to start. But when I had to teach my classes, I got back on my game and it gave me a motivation to become better. And today, I am 25 lbs down from January 2017 and I owe a HUGE portion of my gratitude to BollyX!

Q: How long have you been with BollyX?

A: I trained in January 2016, so a year and half! Wow, time flies.

Q: What is your favorite BollyX song to teach?

A: There are so many because each song just has its own pizzazz. But I think my all time favorite song would have to be Malhari! But, I am currently in love with Love the Way You Dance.

Q: Where do you teach BollyX?

A: I am currently teaching 2 classes at the Lucille Roberts in Jersey City, NJ on Mondays at 930AM and Tuesdays at 530PM and at Xchange at Secaucus Junction for their apartment complex amenities on Mondays at 7PM and Thursdays at 8PM! Recently, our Secaucus location has had the opportunity to host other NJ instructors at our monthly practice sessions! Lots of exciting things!

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