Happy Tuesday! This week we’re featuring Fen Tung as our instructor of the week! Fen currently teaches the wildly popular Monday night classes at the Dance Complex in Boston. She is also certified with ISCA (Master Trainer), Les Mills, NASM Personal Training, AFAA Group Ex, STOTT Pilates, Zumba, Totalbarre, Bokwa, and probably a few others since we wrote this post. Check out what inspires Fen to be the fitness rockstar she is!

Q: What made you join BollyX?
A: I joined BollyX because it combined my love for Bollywood music and dance with my love for fitness. I’ve been teaching Zumba for over 3 years, while taking some Bollywood instructional classes on the side because it’s the international genre I love the most. BollyX is perfect because it combines the awesome Bollywood choreography I love from the instructional classes and pairs it with the best music so you can get an intense cardio workout – the best of both worlds. It’s exactly what I was looking to add to my teaching repertoire.

Q: What inspires you to stay fit?
A: I am extremely appreciative and thankful for my health and for what my body is capable of doing. I never take dancing, moving, or exercising for granted. Everyone who takes a class of mine inspires me. They’ve made the time and commitment to spend an hour of their busy lives with me, so I want to be ready to give them the best class experience possible.

Q: How do you keep your students engaged and motivated throughout such an intense workout?
A: The BollyX music and dance moves are so fun that it makes people just want to let go and dance! Even if participants start to get tired, they won’t quit because they don’t want to miss out. I love fitness and teaching fitness so I can’t help but transfer that energy and passion to everyone in the room. Creating that atmosphere of “we’re all performing in the same Bollywood movie together” makes everyone dance like a rockstar!

For those of you who haven’t already been to one of her classes, be sure to sign up and unleash your inner swagger with Fen Tung!

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