Get to know Anita Patel, our Instructor of the Week: web designer by day, BollyX rockstar always!

Q: What inspires you to stay fit?

A: Wanting to stay healthy and active for the rest of my life is what inspires me to stay fit. I want to be that 90 year old that still goes snowboarding! I’m really glad that I have some inspiring and motivational people around me.

Q: What is your view on Bollywood dance, what sets it apart from other kinds of dance you do?

A: I grew up watching Bollywood films with my family even though I could barely understand Hindi. What drew me to the films was the music and dance. You didn’t need to understand what they were singing about to enjoy the colorful imagery and upbeat music. I feel that Bollywood dance only has one rule: have fun! I always tell my students, this is your chance to imagine yourself in a Bollywood film, be bold, be dramatic and you can’t help but smile!

Q: In your opinion, why should people take a BOLLYX class?

Getting and staying fit should be a lifetime commitment, not a short term fix. The best way to achieve this is to find a regimen that is fun and makes you actually want to exercise. People should take a BollyX class because after 50 minutes they will be saying “Is the class already over? I want more!”. Plus, where else can you perform like a Bollywood star and let your inner swag shine?!

You can join Anita’s classes in Boston at iDance Boston, Latin Beat Fitness Studio and Harvard University here: http://bollyx.com/classes/boston/

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