Posing in the BollyX Instructor Spotlight this week is Akila Prasad! Akila is a doctor of audiology graduate student at the University of Illinois, and teaches BollyX on campus.

Q: Which Bollywood song best describes showcases your personality?
A: ‘Tu nay mari entriyan’ because it’s super upbeat and energetic and I’m Tamilian/Kannadiga so I love the South Indian twist the song has!

Q: How do you incorporate fitness in your daily life?
A: Staying active and keeping your body functioning regularly through different forms of exercise is the best way to stay in shape and puts you in a great mood! I ride my bike or walk around campus every day and try to keep the driving to the minimum. I also dance every chance I get, whether it’s taking a few hours in the week to choreograph something small for fun, or teaching an awesome BollyX class, I always try my best to keep moving.

Q:Why should people take a BollyX class?
A: It’s honestly the best way to have FUN and get a kick-ass workout that makes you sweat at the same time! BollyX encompasses all the great qualities you would look for in an ideal fitness program-but also keeps people motivated and excited to exercise and get in shape!

Come show off your moves with Akila at one of her Chicago classes by signing up here: http://bollyx.com/classes/chicago/

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