Instructor of the Week is back in full force! Give it up for Dalia Debs, one of our regional trainers leading the charge in Boston. Dalia works in Institutional FX Sales at State Street during the day and rocks BollyX at VIM, The Dance Complex, MIT, and other Boston locations at night.

Q: How would you describe BollyX in one word?

Q: What is your favorite part of a BollyX class?
A: Hands down the performance! Of course it’s generally fun to bust out in a Bollywood style performance, but that aside, you definitely feel a sense of camaraderie build up among the class participants which is just a pleasure to be a part of. I have seen the most shy and introverted people (myself included at first!) let go of all inhibitions and just GET DOWN during this part of class and it totally makes my day to witness it.

Q: How has working with BollyX changed you?
A: BollyX opened me up to a new genre that I really knew nothing about before but I absolutely love now. It’s given me the opportunity to incorporate dance into my daily life and be a part of something I am really passionate about – helping others stay active and healthy by simply having a good time.

Check out more classes with Dalia and other BollyX instructors on our website: http://bollyx.com/classes

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