As you’ve probably heard, October is BollyX’s Body Empowerment month! To pump you up for some of the free classes that we’re offering across the nation all month long, I bring to you the top 5 BollyX songs of 2017 that will make you feel like a BollyX Boss!

Sadda Move
Sadda Move means “my move”. The guy in this song is surely a BollyX Boss, as the main chorus features him telling the world to watch out for his dance moves. Only makes sense to channel his energy, and not be afraid to show off your dance moves when this song comes on in class!

This is one of my favorite BollyX performances! The song technically takes place during a wedding, in which the bride is referred to as “Cutiepie”. In BollyX class, however, everyone is a Cutiepie! This performance is a great excuse to show off to the class what makes you a Cutiepie and your inner swagger!

Kala Chashma
A song that’s pretty much entirely about how cool you look in sunglasses – do I even need to say more? The BollyX choreography only adds to boss factor of this song with some funky head bobs and shoulder shakes. With or without actual sunglasses, this song will surely bring out some of your personality! And you have two chances to put it on your playlist – both the performance and the full dance!

PS: Check out BollyX’s performance on CNN to this song!

This song is all about doing whatever you please and not caring at all about what the world thinks! Marjaani literally translates to “let it die”, but in this context, you can think more of the song as motivation to not hold back and to be your complete Boss self with no inhibition! Luckily enough, this song is only a warm-up, so you’ll have plenty of time to check in with and unleash your inner Boss persona so that it is ready to rock the performance section!

This Upper Body BollyX song is sure to bring out your boss face. Dhakkad is a song about physical strength and praises the female character in the Bollywood movie that this song is from for being a fierce professional wrestler. We all know that though physical strength is something many people strive to develop, inner strength is just as important! So channel your inner badass when this song comes on in class and get ready to tap into both your inner and physical strength!


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