This summer, BollyX, the Bollywood Workout, is celebrating the company’s third anniversary. BollyX is a Bollywood-inspired dance-fitness program that combines dynamic choreography with the hottest music from around the world. The 50-minute cardio workout cycles between higher and lower-intensity dance sequences to get participants moving, sweating, and smiling all at the same time.

In June 2013, co-founders Shahil Patel and Minal Mehta launched their first BollyX classes in Boston, MA. Today, the Bollywood Workout has quickly expanded to over 30 states with 300+ weekly classes nationwide. Class participants range from experienced fitness veterans to new fitness enthusiasts who are looking to add more cardio into their lifestyles by means of a fun new dance format.

For a limited time, in celebration of the company’s birthday, BollyX is offering its instructor certification training for $99 (usually $325). The BollyX instructor certification training allows all levels of fitness enthusiasts to become certified in a fun and exciting dance fitness format. The training day consists of a 9-hour workshop where participants learn fitness concepts, South Asian dance styles, and how to succesfully teach a safe and effective class.

“Our summer celebration has been incredible,” says CEO & Co-Founder, Shahil Patel, “in part because of the milestone of making it to 3 terrific years of BollyX with rapid growth, but more importantly because of the opportunity it has extended to all parts of the fitness community to join in on the celebration, experience BollyX and further expand awareness of this growing movement.”

Additionally, BollyX also recently introduced its newest programming, BollyX LIT (Low Impact Training) – a format that contains all the energy of the original BollyX class but without high impact dance movements. This format was designed for individuals who love to dance and prefer or need low impact choreography – for example, newcomers to fitness, pre or post-natal women, participants recovering from injury, or the older active adult population.

BollyX is also headlining at IDEA World 2016, the fitness industry’s largest convention, and has won the Harvard Business School award of “Most Innovative” new venture of 2015.

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Check out the video below and celebrate 3 years of rockstar-dom with us!


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