Boston-based BollyX instructor Caila Quinn is one of the bachelorettes on this season’s The Bachelor!

Caila Quinn The Bachelor

The current season premiered last night, January 4, 2016 and will air each Monday on ABC for the next 3 months (check local listing for time/channel). Caila has a huge passion for Bollywood dancing from her college days and was overjoyed to discover BollyX this past Spring. Let’s show her some BollyX love and support as she embarks on this fun, life-changing experience – will she take home the final rose?

Speed Interview with Caila:

First BollyX class? April 13, 2015! I still have it written in my calendar – it was a Monday night class with Fen & I was hooked!

BollyX Certified? June 28, 2015 where I met my BollyX Bestie – Riti! It’s great to have a fitness partner on the same journey to motivate you and share in the sweat & celebrations of being an instructor.

What made you decide to get your BollyX Certification? Through any point in life, I think it is important to set goals and take actionable steps to achieve them. When I started my BollyX journey I was hoping to get in shape while having fun, but I found so much more in the community that I decided I wanted to become an instructor. After my certification, I dove into BollyX at first, but I had to put my classes on hold when my heart pulled me in a new direction.

What do you love most about BollyX? The thing I love most about a BollyX workout is the music! It transports the mind and energizes the body.

Caila Quinn Ben Higgins

Now that Caila is back in Boston (for now…) she’s taking BollyX classes regularly and working on learning choreography so she can launch her own class soon!

The entire BollyX community wishes you all the best, CAILA! We’re rooting for you!

Caila Quinn at Greenfest

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