“BollyX changed my life.  It gave me my own little world in which I can live – and it gives me the deepest joy.” ~Shilpa Arora, BollyX Instructor

What are the chances that an individual takes their first BollyX class in Texas, moves to Washington, notices another’s passion for dance fitness at the local YMCA, and then suggests to that person that he/she should train to become a BollyX instructor?

Well, guess what folks? That’s exactly how instructor, Shilpa Arora, was introduced to BollyX! Shilpa’s favorite part of BollyX is the choreography as it is high in energy and isn’t too hard to pick up. After going through the instructor training, she participated in their mentorship program, which BollyX offers to all instructors after they obtain their certification. She found that her mentors were always helpful and gave her valuable tips and advice on how to be a confident instructor.

Shilpa stated that ever since being introduced to BollyX, her confidence and self-esteem has improved greatly. She believes that she now knows what it feels like to live for passion. Hearing this is music to our ears (no pun intended)!

Before we conclude this post, Shilpa wanted us to convey her advice to  all of you…

“Follow your passion, don’t worry about outcome/results etc….they will follow eventually. “

Thanks for being the awesome, energetic, and inspiring instructor that you are, Shilpa!


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