Not all of our work days can be as exciting as a BollyX class, but luckily you don’t only have to listen to Bollywood music in class. TWERK IT while you WERK IT with our top five BollyX work week songs!

Song: Superman
Let’s be real, Monday mornings are never easy. You’re leaving behind a lovely weekend which may have included spending quality time with your bed and your friends and family, only to be faced with a to-do list at work that you had conveniently forgotten about the last few days. Yes, you are most likely going to need a lot of coffee, but you can also avoid a totally miserable Monday by listening to this BollyX song!

Superman will leave you feeling like you are ready to conquer whatever comes your way this work week. The lyrics include “Let me tell you, I’m not scared….do whatever you can do to me” and “I am Superman… Whoever messes with me I’ll mess them up right back.” Use this song as a pump up for the week ahead- YOU are Superman and you are going to rock this work week!

Song: Twist (Remix)
Drake may be one of the only people who walks into work on Tuesday singing “Club going up…ON A TUESDAY!” For the majority of us, “Workload going up…ON A TUESDAY!” is probably a more accurate feeling. To help you get through the second day of the work week, Twist is a great song to have on your playlist. With lyrics like “Let’s have some celebration, let’s have some party now,’ this song will have you dancing in your chair. And if that’s not enough, you’ll be reminded to “leave grief behind and enjoy the zest of life.” Because hey even if we have to work five of the seven days of the week, the song is indeed right in saying you “need no reason… for feeling fine and having fun!” So throw some Twist into your Tuesdays and hang in there!

Song: Malhari
Affectionately known as “Hump Day” for being in the middle of the week, Wednesday calls for a motivational song to help you chug up and over the hump and downhill towards the weekend! Malhari is the perfect Wednesday song, as it features an emperor singing gleefully after emerging victorious in a battle. “Let the drums beat, let the bells ring, let’s play the songs of happiness, we have crushed the enemy so badly,” he sings. Think of Wednesday as the battle you need to win, and channel the emperor’s energy to defeat any challenges that come your way on Hump Day! (And since Bollyx Rockstars are known to crush it anyways, I have no doubt that you are all going to be singing along to this highly applicable song ☺).

Song: Sooraj Dooba Hain
You’ve made it over the hump, and now there are only two days between you and the weekend. You’ve worked hard to get here, and you definitely should spend some time this weekend doing something that makes you happy. Sooraj Dooba Hai is the perfect Thursday song, because not only will it keep you motivated until Friday, but it will also remind you that work is not your only priority – your happiness is a priority to. The song tells you to be “selfish, be a bit selfish.” “Why do you listen to the world? Sometimes listen to yourself.” Sooraj Dooba Hai literally translates to “The Sun has Set”. The song thus reminds us that, especially outside of work, forget your sorrows and your stress and be carefee! Life is good and the workweek is almost over.

Song: Abhi Toh Party
IT’s FRI-YAY! What better song to kick of your weekend than Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai (literal translation: “The Party has Just Begun). The singer encourages you to keep dancing on because this is only the beginning of the party and it’s going to be a long night. He also says ‘there is just tonight, from tomorrow you will have the same problems.” Though we have three nights in a weekend to let it all out, this song is pretty spot on in reminding us that work is always going to be there, so we need to make the most of our weekends and enjoy them as much as possible! Put on this jam to drive you straight into a hopefully BollyX dance moves packed weekend!!

BollyX Instructor Riti Naik


About the author: A self proclaimed health nut and flegan (flexible vegan), Riti is so glad to be a part of the BXFam and continue pursuing her passion for fitness and dance. Riti is extremely enthusiastic about all things Indian and Bollywood since she trained in Bollywood and Bharatanatyam (Indian Classical dance) as a child and also was captain of a Bollywood fusion dance team at Tufts. Not to mention she has probably seen every Bollywood movie made. She looks forward to continuing to dance with others and remind them to smile, sweat it out, and show off what they got! Check out Riti’s classes in Boston and join her for a BollyX class!

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