This week our ‘Instructor of the Week’ is none other than Greg Jarema! Greg is an enthusiastic and talented performer who has been dancing, singing and acting since the age of 8. Having graduated from NYU, Greg has performed all across the nation and now also teaches BollyX classes in NYC. Find out how Greg shares his inner passion for dance and active living with his students, his incredible ability to juggle BollyX with Yoga, and of course, what he loves about Bollywood!

Q: Which Bollywood song best describes showcases your personality?
A: “Hookah Bar” is definitely my favorite song that I teach. The lyrics (from what I have come to understand) mean “Your love is like a hookah bar.” I think that perfectly sums up how I love to have fun and not take life too seriously.

Q: Having a strong theater background, do you incorporate any of your musical and theater talents in a BollyX dance class, perhaps the performance rounds?
A: Coming from musical theater, one of the most important parts of a number is hitting your “button”. That’s the moment when the song ends, you hit a big pose, and the audience goes crazy. In my BollyX classes, I like to take a moment before performances to make sure that everyone has a strong pose for the end of their performance so that they can feel confident about their awesome performance.

Q: You’re also a certified Yoga instructor, how do you compare teaching a peaceful and quiet Yoga class to a party-like environment during a BollyX class?
A: BollyX is a perfect balance to a calming yoga practice. It’s good to mix up your workouts. Sometimes, I feel the need to be introverted and reflective in my yoga practice, but most of the time, I just need to get lost in the music and sweat everything out on the dance floor.

Greg’s BollyX class is hot in NYC. Sign up for his classes at http://bollyx.com/classes/new-york/.

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